Testing Instructions

You may want to print out these instructions and laminate them to use while testing, until you are familiar with the processes.


Phonic Survey


Repeat this test if you suspect misunderstanding and remember that it is very useful for detecting malingering. If a child selects the letter 'x', that is an almost definite indication of a child malingering.

Proof Reading

This test can be extended to investigate words like meat/meet that sound the same but are spelled differently. If the child points to the correct word in the display ask the child to say a sentence with the word in it. If the child selects the wrong meaning, enter a comment.

Reading Speed


Here are a few common name/sound confusions:

Letter on screen Student's Response Correct or Wrong? Type in
y ‘yuh’ correct y (lower case)
y ‘wuh’ incorrect w (lower case)
y ‘wy’ incorrect Y (capital)
u ‘uh’ correct u (lower case)
u ‘yoo’ incorrect U (capital)
u ‘yuh’ incorrect y (lower case)
w ‘wuh’ correct w (lower case)
w ‘dubbleyoo’ incorrect W (capital)
w ‘duh’ incorrect d (lower case)

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